About Sixth Cycle Brand

Sixth Cycle is a lifestyle apparel brand of original designs that are inspirational and motivational.

The name Sixth Cycle is a reference to the sixth sun of the Mexica culture, which is the current solar cycle of existence. The sixth sun does not have a defined path, we must create our own. Sixth Cycle represents a new age, the rebirth of the sacred where we must influence change to find ourselves, embrace our potential, respect everything alive, repair the damage, and improve our lifestyles.

The Sixth Cycle logo is based on the Nahuatl number six surrounded by four elements that form a never-ending cycle, and represent the four directions (N, S, E, W), with the intent to invite all people to join us in this current, new cycle of life.

Most of Sixth Cycle’s unique designs are created by the founders A.C.G. and Luis “AK Loko” Juarez. Their unique vision covers a diverse range of art styles and contemporary media. Many of their designs are heavily inspired by pre-Columbian civilizations, their art, values, and ongoing teachings.




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