Aztec Jaguar Warrior Skull - Mexica Headdress Backpack

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Custom made backpack featuring the Jaguar Warrior Design. Inspired by Aztec and Mexica culture, this t-shirt features an original Jaguar Warrior skull and headdress design. The ferocious yet mystical skull mask wears the feathered ocelot headdress, representing the elite Aztec Jaguar Warriors. Known for their bravery, strength, and skill in battle, these legendary warriors wore ocelot skins and headdresses to invoke the speed, agility and power of Jaguars. This unique warrior skull design is Sixth Cycle’s tribute to the mighty pre-Columbian Jaguar Warriors. This medium size backpack is just what you need for daily use or sports activities! The pockets (including one for your laptop) give plenty of room for all your necessities, while the water-resistant material will protect them...
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